Nature Club

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Nature club is an association of nature lovers from various departments of the college. The club has been active on the campus since last two decades and is involved in various activities.


1.  To inculcate Love of Nature in the minds of college youth

2. To develop social and environmental commitment
3. To develop leadership qualities and personality excellence through
     interdisciplinary group activities
4. To help students develop organizing capacity through independent
planning and execution of environmental programmes
5. To help them aware of the concept of ecological balance through     environmental education programmes.


Club Members

1. Dr. Smitha N.R (Convenor)
2. Dr. Suprabha G.Nair
3. Ms.Veena  R Nair
4. Dr. Uma S
5. Ms. Shushupna .S
Student Representive: Ms. Kunjulakshmi. S

Club Activities

1. Celebrated world environment Day in association with Dept of Zoology and Plan@ Earth on 25th June 2018. This years theme was “BEAT PLASTIC POLLUTION”.  To reduce the use of plastics ,Nature club launched green protocol in the college. A green protocol committee was formed with Principal as the convenor, and representative from faculties of all the department, office and students.
2. A workshop was organized on the same day to sensitize students about harmful effects of the plastics on nature and human health and the different ways by which plastics can be upcycled to make utility products.
3. An exhibition of the upcycled products from cloth and plastic waste was also organized on the same day.
Newsletter 2017-18
1. Kerala Bird Race 2017
Students of the Nature club participated in the Kerala Bird Race 2017, a workshop and field study on birds and bird watching organised by Cochin Natural History Society on 25 & 26 November 2017. They visited Mangalavanam and Kandakadavu wetlands for field study. Students were able to locate local as well as migratory birds during their visit.
2. Time to Fly
Students participated in a field visit to Kalamassery area on 2nd December 2017 to map the birds in the locality. They were guided by experienced bird watchers and wildlife photographers
3. BIOMAG: Season3
Nature club members initiated this year’s BIOMAG programmes by filling the vermipots with vegetable and fruit wastes collected from the koovapadam market for vermicomposting on 8th November 2017
4 Caring for all forms of life under the sun: Ozone Day
As part of Ozone Day 2017 Nature Club, The Cochin College in association with Department of Zoology and Chemistry with the financial support of Kerala state council for science, technology and environment (KSCSTE) organized invited talk on “Ozone Umbrella- Essential of Sustaining Life” by Dr Anandapathmanabhan, Associate Professor, Maharaja’s College, Ernakulam.  Various inter collegiate competitions were conducted on September 25 th, 2017. The focal theme of this year’s celebration was ‘Caring for all forms of life under the sun’.
5. Help make this World a Fairer Place for Animals : Wild life Week 2017
One Day Seminar on the topic ‘Birds Around Us’ by Mr Basil Peter, Wildlife photographer, was organised by the Nature club and department of Zoology in association with Social forestry, Ernakulam Division, Kerala Forest Department as a part of Wildlife Week Celebration 2017.
6. An Abode for the Butterflies
The students of the Nature club remodelled the existing departmental garden into an abode for the butterflies. They planted more plants that attract butterflies and are waiting for the arrival of butterflies. This is also a project of CUBE initiative.

Green Protocol Committee:

President: Dr. Biju P Thampi
Convenor: Dr. Smitha N R


1.Dr. Suprabha G. Nair (Botany)
2. Dr. Anu L (Commerce)
3. Dr. Uma S
4. Ms .Veena R Nair (Chemistry)
5. Ms. Shushupna (English)
6. Ms. Nadila ( Economixs)
7. Ms. Janu V
8. Dr.Manju V. Subramaniyan
9. Ms. Sangeeta (office)
10. Dr. Meera Menon (SF)
Green Volunteers: Sreelaksmi ( student representative)

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